Sustainable investing—investing with the intention of generating positive ESG impact alongside a financial return—is increasingly popular. Major financial institutions are developing sustainable investing product platforms; leading index providers offer extensive families of ESG indexes; and asset management firms provide opportunities and products that range across all asset classes. All told, the sustainable investing industry now accounts for over one-third of AUM worldwide. 

What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, & Governance and examples of the criteria used for evaluating these categories can be found here: 

Sustainable Investing Management | Entirety Financial TX

Here at Entirety Financial we have many clients who want to incorporate this type of investment theme into their financial picture. LPL Financial has made doing so easy with access to leading edge research, industry leading managers, open architecture platforms, and customizable portfolio construction. 

In addition, check out LPL Financial’s Sustainability Report for insight into their pursuit of ESG impact.


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